In 2016, a team of automotive professionals and data experts came together with a singular vision: to create a software solution that transforms the way dealerships manage and analyze their data. This vision gave birth to Benchmark, a product dedicated to delivering the best data experience in the automotive industry.

Data in Digestable Bites

Dive into all of our episode of “Shifting Gears!” as Dan Trinidad simplifies the complexity of dealership management in digestable bites. 

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  • Episode 1 – Last Click Attribution
  • Episode 2 – Multi-Channel Attribution and Influence
  • Episode 3 – Hard Conversions vs Soft Conversions (Coming Soon)

Benchmark In The Press

New Benchmark Data Suite Debuts

The Benchmark Data Suite is designed to track and manage important data in one location for better decision-making and profitability. Read more about this transformative platform in AutoDealer Today.

Maximize Your Automotive ROI: Expert Insights with Dan Trinidad

Join Dan Trinidad, Founder and CEO of Benchmark Data, as he dives deep into the crucial question every business faces: “What’s my ROI?” Discover practical tips on how to optimize your marketing strategies, enhance process efficiency, and leverage software systems for better business outcomes. Whether you’re a business owner, general manager, or executive, this video will empower you with the knowledge to understand and improve your return on investment across various marketing channels.

Benchmark Data Suite, the industry leader in automotive solutions for actionable decision-making across dealerships, proudly announces the launch of the Benchmark Alert System. This state-of-the-art feature empowers dealers by leveraging their data when it matters most, enabling immediate performance improvements through real-time, actionable insights provided via weekly alerts.

New Benchmark Data Suite Debuts

Benchmark Automotive Data, an automotive suite for actionable decision-making across the dealership, launched Benchmark Data Suite, its platform designed to track and manage important data in one location for better decision-making and profitability. 

New Benchmark Data Suite Using KPIs for Dealer Decision Making

The software suite includes a user-friendly dashboard that offers analysis and reporting across key dealership areas including digital marketing, inventory retailing, lead handling, sales performance and finance performance. 

Benchmark Automotive Data launched the Benchmark Data Suite

Benchmark Automotive Data, the leading automotive suite for actionable decision making across the dealership, announced today the launch of Benchmark Data Suite, their platform designed to easily track and manage important data in one location for better decision making and profitability.