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Centralize Your Dealership's
Data with Benchmark

Forget the chaos of scattered data. Benchmark centralizes your dealership’s lifeblood—sales, inventory, finance, and marketing—into one intuitive dashboard. Make empowered business decisions with all your key metrics in one view, updated in real time.

Full Sales Funnel Transparency

With Benchmark, every part of your sales funnel is crystal clear. From lead generation to sealing the deal, track and refine crucial metrics at each stage. Optimize effortlessly and watch your conversion rates soar.

Decisions with Confidence

Cut through the noise with Benchmark. We bring together data from your digital marketing efforts, inventory movements, and lead interactions, providing you with a solid foundation for smart, strategic choices that drive your dealership’s growth.

Proactive Alerts to Keep You Ahead

Stay ahead of the curve with Benchmark’s alert system. Receive real-time notifications about key changes and potential issues within your dealership. Act fast, solve problems before they escalate, and maintain your operational advantage.

    Adding Benchmark to Horne Auto Group has been a game changer. The dashboard has streamlined our decision making by pulling everything together into one spot, so we can easily identify areas for improvement and opportunities.  

Featured Super User

April Simmons

Corporate Internet and Marketing Direction
Horne Auto Group

Benchmark Integrates With Your Existing Systems

Effortlessly integrate with your DMS, IMS, and CRM systems to bring all your data into one centralized dashboard.

Data in Digestable Bites

Dive into all of our episode of “Shifting Gears!” as Dan Trinidad simplifies the complexity of dealership management in digestable bites.

  • Episode 1 – Last Click Attribution
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  • Episode 3 – Hard Conversions vs Soft Conversions “Coming Soon”

Benchmark Is For Every Use

Our digital marketing dashboard helps optimize marketing, engage customers, and boost sales with key insights. Efficiently allocate budgets, identify top channels, and improve ROI for better spending, engagement, and lead conversion.
Inventory Retailing
Our inventory retailing dashboard equips your dealership with tools to manage inventory, reduce aged stock, and maximize profitability. With real-time data and detailed analytics, you can optimize turnover, set competitive prices, and ensure your lot is stocked with in-demand vehicles. This enhances inventory management and sales performance.
Lead Handling
Our platform offers detailed insights into lead generation, appointment tracking, and sales conversions, enhancing customer interaction management. Real-time analytics identify strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring optimal team performance. Enhanced lead management and appointment tracking maximize conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
Our platform provides detailed insights into visits, sales, closing percentages, and follow-up activities, allowing you to track and improve performance. Real-time analytics and performance breakdowns help ensure your sales team is always at its best. Actionable insights identify strengths and areas for improvement, driving sales growth and refining techniques for higher conversions.
Benchmark offers detailed analytics on finance deals and team performance, aiding in optimizing effectiveness and income. It provides data on manager performance and lender distribution for informed decision-making, maximizing deal efficiency and revenue. Enhanced tracking and metrics improve manager performance and foster better lender relationships for optimal customer financing.
Group View
Our Group Reporting dashboard provides essential insights to enhance dealership group performance. It offers analytics on leads, sales, ROI, and more across various channels, enabling efficient resource allocation and informed decision-making. Monitor key metrics and maximize profitability with detailed performance comparisons.
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Benchmark Is For Every Use

Our digital marketing dashboard empowers your dealership to optimize marketing efforts, enhance customer engagement, and boost sales with comprehensive insights into key performance metrics, traffic sources, and vendor effectiveness. By leveraging these powerful insights, you can efficiently allocate budgets, identify high-performing channels, and improve your overall marketing ROI. This enables optimized marketing spend, enhanced customer engagement through better understanding of visitor behavior, and improved lead conversion by focusing on high-performing channels and vendors.

Our inventory retailing dashboard equips your dealership with essential tools to manage inventory effectively, reduce aged stock, and maximize profitability. By providing comprehensive insights into inventory status, aged units, and pricing strategies, our platform enables informed decision-making to enhance operational efficiency and sales performance. With detailed analytics and real-time data, you can optimize inventory turnover, set competitive prices, and ensure your lot is stocked with in-demand vehicles. This results in improved inventory management, maximized profitability, and reduced aged inventory for a fresh and appealing lot.

  Our platform provides detailed insights into lead generation, appointment tracking, and sales conversions, enabling you to manage customer interactions effectively from initial contact to final sale. Real-time analytics and performance breakdowns help identify strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring your team consistently performs at its best. Enhanced lead management allows you to monitor the entire lead journey, maximizing conversion rates, while improved customer engagement through appointment tracking ensures better relationships and satisfaction. Actionable performance insights offer continuous team optimization and increased sales.

  Our platform offers comprehensive insights into key metrics such as visits, sales, closing percentages, and follow-up activities, enabling you to track performance and identify areas for improvement. With detailed performance breakdowns and real-time analytics, you can ensure your sales team is always performing at its best and closing more deals. Comprehensive performance tracking allows you to monitor key metrics to evaluate and enhance your sales team’s effectiveness. Actionable insights help identify strengths and areas for improvement, enabling the implementation of strategies that drive sales growth and refine sales techniques for increased conversions.

  Benchmark provides detailed analytics on cash and finance deals, average backend performance, and income metrics, enabling you to monitor and optimize your finance team’s effectiveness. With comprehensive data on manager performance and lender distribution, you can make informed decisions to increase deal efficiency and maximize income from each transaction. Optimized deal structuring helps identify the most profitable options, ensuring each transaction maximizes backend revenue. Enhanced manager performance tracking with detailed metrics allows for targeted coaching and development, while informed lender relationships foster the best financing options for your customers and dealership.

The Group Reporting dashboard delivers invaluable insights to manage and optimize the performance of your entire dealership group. Our platform offers a comprehensive overview of leads, visits, sales, gross profits, and ROI across multiple channels and vendors, allowing you to benchmark performance and allocate resources effectively. By leveraging detailed analytics and performance comparisons, you can drive efficiency, maximize profitability, and make data-driven decisions to elevate your dealership group’s success. This comprehensive performance overview helps monitor key metrics, while resource allocation identifies the most profitable channels and vendors, ensuring maximized ROI through informed, data-driven decisions.

They Chose Benchmark. Here’s What They Say:

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They Chose Benchmark. Here’s What They Say:

Join Us Thursday July, 11th
Data Rules The Kingdom

Please join Dan Trinidad along with Tim Hayden and John Ellis as we discuss how Data rules the Kingdom in the Automotive Innovators & Disruptors Clubhouse room Thursday July 11th at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific.

Benchmark In The Press

New Benchmark Data Suite Debuts

Benchmark Automotive Data, an automotive suite for actionable decision-making across the dealership, launched Benchmark Data Suite, its platform designed to track and manage important data in one location for better decision-making and profitability. 

New Benchmark Data Suite Using KPIs for Dealer Decision Making

The software suite includes a user-friendly dashboard that offers analysis and reporting across key dealership areas including digital marketing, inventory retailing, lead handling, sales performance and finance performance. 

Benchmark Automotive Data launched the Benchmark Data Suite

Benchmark Automotive Data, the leading automotive suite for actionable decision making across the dealership, announced today the launch of Benchmark Data Suite, their platform designed to easily track and manage important data in one location for better decision making and profitability.

Frequently asked questions

Benchmark is a web-based software platform designed to provide dealerships with comprehensive data analysis and reporting capabilities. It covers multiple areas of dealership performance, including marketing, inventory management, lead handling, sales, and finance, helping dealerships optimize their business operations.


Benchmark is versatile and suitable for any dealership aiming to enhance its business operations. This includes car dealerships, motorcycle dealerships, RV dealerships, and more. If you want to streamline your processes and improve performance, Benchmark can help.


While a CRM helps manage customer interactions, Benchmark goes further by offering a holistic overview of your dealership’s performance across key areas. It allows you to track and analyze important data points, set benchmarks, and monitor individual and team performance. Benchmark’s data scrubbing and reporting capabilities provide accurate and up-to-date insights, saving you time and effort. By using Benchmark alongside your CRM, you gain a complete picture of your dealership’s performance, enabling more informed, data-driven decisions.


Benchmark provides real-time data analysis and reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) across various areas, including digital marketing, inventory, lead handling, sales, and finance. These insights help dealerships identify areas for improvement, optimize operations, and drive growth and profitability.


Absolutely. Benchmark uses industry-standard security protocols, including 2-step authentication and strict access controls, to protect your data. We encrypt your data in transit and at rest and ensure that only authorized personnel can access your information. We prioritize your data’s confidentiality and security, guaranteeing it is never shared with third-party vendors or OEMs.

Benchmark provides a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure all users are comfortable with the software. We offer ongoing support for any questions or issues that arise. Additionally, our Dealer Fox consulting team is available to provide extra assistance on an a la carte basis, ensuring you get the most out of our platform.